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For Property Management Systems (PMS) / Central Reservation Systems (CRS) Providers

You can now deliver higher-levels of service and solutions to your hotel clients by integrating with eRevMax channel management solutions. This will enable you to offer ‘off-the-shelf’ connected distribution partners that your hotel clients require to meet the demands of online distribution.

Through Connect by eRevMax, your system will enable your hotel end-users to generate more revenue through profitable online booking channels. Connect will deliver your solution and your customer with advantages in distribution without the expensive and highly intensive management required to maintain and develop new connections. Advance and evolve your system for seamless connectivity with your hotel customers.

Hotel Ecosystem Partners

Key benefits

Tick Icon Drive more inventory to your system > strengthen revenue and business relationship
Tick Icon Provide hotels with a central repository of online transactions / inventory & rate management
Tick Icon Reduce traffic on CRS/PMS as shopping takes place on upstream systems
Tick Icon Eliminate switch processing fees for major OTAs
Tick Icon Gain access to ‘hard to get’ distribution channels
Tick Icon Deliver competitive pricing information on third party systems
Tick Icon Provide un-rivaled distribution capability and meaningful channel business relationships